CY Pictures Matter is passionate about making memories for all individuals, but specializes in capturing images of children and adults who are sometimes overlooked by the camera lens. CYPM offers courteous service and thoughtful attention to the needs of those being photographed. I love pictures and want to provide the gift of photography to everyone.

Courtney Youngs


CY Pictures Matter

About CY Pictures Matter:

CY Pictures Matter?   Pictures of our families and loved ones provide lasting memories. They help us remember special events, old friends, milestones, new family members, and those who are no longer with us. Can you imagine your life without those treasured pictures? We are sure you will "see why" pictures matter!

CY we are different? Photography can be expensive. Photography can be frustrating. CYPM desires that everyone has the opportunity to have a fun, memorable, affordable and professional photography session in a relaxed environment.

CY we may be right for you? CY’s goal is to provide photography services to those who may not feel comfortable in a normal photography studio, to those who may not be able to afford professional photography, to those who are in situations where it is physically or emotionally difficult to have pictures taken of them and their family (a disabled loved one or someone in financial crisis) and to those who simply want to work with a patient and caring photographer. Additionally, CY will come to your home or can suggest a comfortable and convenient location for your photo shoot.